Patching Techniques are More Effective in Repairing Carpet

patchwork carpet repair

Carpet patching is the solution to multiple types of repair issues. Anthos Carpet Repair offers a professional carpet patch repair service in Pennsylvania to get rid of all. Our technicians are well known for the latest and advanced patching methods. They have all the essential tools and equipment required for patching.

If you suddenly notice that your carpet has tiny holes or burned areas that need repairing, you should hire our professionals for effective carpet patchwork in Pittsburgh.

Six Easy techniques that technician generally use to Repair your Carpet

Overlap patching

Overlap patching is the most common technique of patching a carpet and involves simply overlapping the damaged part with a new piece of carpet. To do this, the technician properly measures the damaged portion of your carpet. Then cut a piece of replacement carpet that’s a little larger than the hole. Lay it over the hole and use a sharp cutting tool like a knife to trim around the edges so that it fits perfectly. At last, use adhesive or heavy-duty glue to attach the new piece of carpet in place.

Invisible mending

If there is a small tear (less than an inch), then invisible mending would be the best option. This patching technique involves using a special adhesive to join the two pieces of carpeting together without overlapping them. To do this, you’ll need first to clean the area around the damage. Next, apply the adhesive to both sides of the tear and press the two pieces of carpeting together. Hold in place for hours until the adhesive sets, then cut the extra part.

Stitch down patching

This type of patching is used to repair excess damage or large hole in your carpet. Stitch down patching method involves fixing a new carpet over the hole and attaching it with a machine. Professionals use a heavy-duty thread and needle to do this patching.

Our experienced carpet technicians not only have the skill to give a new life to your carpet through their patchwork carpet repair but also are trained in eliminating any carpet issue that can be the reason you have to replace your carpet entirely!

Get the Best Solution for Preventing Future Carpet Damages

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